Monday, 11 February 2013

Happy birthday to me!

This year on the 1st of February, I turned 20! 
As old as I felt, all of my friends and my lovely boyfriend made sure I had a perfect day!

In the morning I woke up fairly early and as a treat from Chris I went to get my hair done. Whilst getting pampered in the hair salon Chris wondered off to sort some things out for the rest of the day, a couple of hours later he picked me up and took me shopping for a new dress and a few other treats :)

He then took me in a taxi and surprised me by taking me to the County Hall Marriott hotel! 
(We've stayed at a Marriott before, but this one was so much nicer!)

(View from our window!)

We then quickly got ready and off we went to Westminster pier for my final birthday treat, a four course meal on a boat! 
It was perfect, candle lit, live music, amazing views! 
I couldnt have asked for anything better!
Several glasses of wine and plenty of food later we headed back to the hotel bar and enjoyed the rest of the night!

The next evening Chris took me and some of our close friends out to one of my favourite burger restaurants in Chelsea, Hache! 
Where we ate lovely food and drank plenty of cocktails, wine and champagne!

We then headed to the bar I work at where we had a few (a lot) more drinks and danced the night away :)

I had a lovely couple of nights, spent with great company who made getting older much more enjoyable :)

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