Sunday, 10 July 2011

last friday night!

(crappy webcam quality)

on friday night at about 9'0 clock ish i was pretty bored and sat down with the laptop ready for a night in watching the hills and my good friend roz said she fancied a 'quiet pint'.
i quickly got ready and after deciding what to do for about half hour (we live in a very small place, choices are very limited) we decided to go for a night out at a local pub The Three Furnaces.
so we got our glad rags on and went over to our friend James' house where we met up with him and our other friend Liam, and started pre drinking!
James had just got back from spain and had bought us a bottle of caramel vodka back (which tastes lovely may i add) so we got drinking then our friend Danny took us to the pub where we got a few pints in and mingled a bit.
quite a few people i know were out as well as quite a few people from school which was nice.
we all had a good old dance and a few pints as well as shots of the good old jager!
the night results in us all walking about half hour back to James' at 2:30am with a couple of my other friends, not sleeping till 4:30am then being up and doing the journey of shame home at 8am, getting home at 9am and being at work at 10am!
the fun life i lead ay!

the rest of the weekend consisted of, saturday being spent watching old movies with my boyfriend and then last night me and Roz went to the hotel she works at for a few drinks and some food and a catch up :)

life is pretty darn good right now! :D

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