Thursday, 7 July 2011


so this year i'm going to TWO festivals!
i literally cannot wait.
i wanted to go V fest as it's right by my home and ARCTIC MONKEYS are headlining, but i was broke when tickets went on sale and shortly after arctic monkeys announced their UK tour anyway, so i'm going to see those lovely fellows in november! :D

this time last month i don't think i had any intentions of going to a festival this year, i really wanted to go to T in the Park or Sonisphere but as T in the park is too far away and no one wanted to go sonisphere i was set in the fact that i wasn't going to a festival! :(

anywho, my friend Roz informed me that our friend Dan was selling his Reading tickets!
early bird tickets for £180! YES PLEASE!
i had another look at the line up and said yes straight away!
see the line up here.
anyway, so me and Roz got mega excited about Reading!
and for her 18th birthday in March her mom offered to give her £550 to go on holiday with, so we was going to go to Ibiza, but as neither of us have passports we spent the other day deciding what to do.
we gathered festivals were out of the question as all tickets would be sold out, so we planned to go up north to Manchester and Leeds for a weekend of partying!
i told Roz that i really wanted to go to a rave with drum and bass style music whilst we were there and she then mentioned Global Gathering!
i'd never really looked in to it before but i'd heard that a few people i knew were going.
so i had a little look at the line up, (as you can't really see it very much there are acts such as Skrillex, Borgore, Nero, Pendulum & Chase and Status)!
i'm more of a rock music/blues/indie/folk music fan myself, but when i'm really drunk i love dance music and drum and bass so it sounded perfect!
plus i liked that we would be going to two completely different festivals!
at £108 a ticket Roz has said she'd get tickets on Tuesday!
i can't actually express my excitement!
see more of the line up here.

so yes, i'm VERY excited for the next couple of months! :D
is anybody else going to any festivals?!
if so, which ones? :)

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  1. Lucky you! Hope you have really good time! I don't think festivals would be my kind of thing; I like concrete beneath my feet and I hate camping! x