Thursday, 26 May 2011

soppy post. oops.

i do apologise for my constant rambling on about him, but he's a big reason as to why i'm in such a great mood lately, it also stops me from constant ranting posts or just general depressing posts.
it's our two month anniversary today and asked if he can take me out, unfortunately i already have plans but he is the cutest things ever for the thought. we get eachother and we get along really well. i like where we are right now, i'm not thinking about the future, we're both just taking each day as it comes and it works for both of us. i can't remember the last time i was this happy and he is a big part of the reason why. i'm not gonna show him this cos he'll think i'm a right cheesy bugger, but i think i let him know.

i like that he makes the effort with my friends. i like his friends. i like that my family like him. i like that he cuddles me all night. i like that he wakes up super early and strokes my hair till i wake up too. i like that he suggests we watch the hills if he makes me watch match of the day. i like his cheesy texts. i like that he thinks i'm really smart even though he got better gcse's than i did. i like his northern accent. i like that he likes my music. i like that he never moans if i wanna go out with my friends and i like that he goes out with his friends. i like that he's honest. i like that he trusts me. i really do like him.

obviously he has his flaws, like the fact that he's in to metal and that he smokes. but nothing i can't live with.

he has made me an exceptionally happy person lately!
he has non-stop told me how proud he is of me for finishing sixth form and i think it's just adorable!
i am sorry for being cheesy.
he just makes me really smiley and i'm starting to hate him not being around.

i'm determined to keep things positive with us and i'm pretty optimistic about things atm :)
that is all.

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