Monday, 23 May 2011


there are so many reason as to why right now things are perfect. i'm in such a good mood i just had to blog to let you all know. i feel like a lot recently i only blog to rant about something so for a change i thought i'd do a happy post :)

today of all days i am extremely happy because after 2 years and for the past few weeks, 15 hours a week i have finally finished business. i finished english language a few weeks ago and now i only have two more lessons of english literature and then i'm out of sixth form and ready for university :D seriously cannot express my excitement right now and my happiness for finishing business!

i also bought my reading ticket the other day, dunno if i've already mentioned that. but none the less i love having things to look forward to and i'm really excited :D
speaking of things to look forward to, as soon as my passport is purchased me and roz are planning a week of partying on down in ibiza as an 18th birthday present to her from her lovely parents! :D

on another note, things are also going extremely well on the boyfriend front. i was a tad nervous at the beginning of our relationship as i'd just came out of a two year relationship and with uni this year i didn't know if i wanted to get involved with anyone else. but we're really happy at the moment and i'm really enjoying my time with him.

other than that, i've been catching up with a lot of old friends as well as going to the gym quite a bit which i enjoy (i did 2 miles on the treadmill the other day!)

as i'm not in sixth form now till thursday afternoon, tomorrow me and roz have planned to go and visit our old school to catch up with a few of our old teachers and express our excitement of finally leaving sixth form! :D

happy days.
i hope you're all well, sorry again for being such a rubbish blogger the past few months! :(

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