Sunday, 29 May 2011

so don't go away, say what you say, but say that you'll stay, forever and a day.

so sixth form is finally over. however, as much as i hate the place and hate the majority of people there i can't help but find it strange how i probably wont see some of those i did like again. people who went to my school; people who i've seen often for the past 7 years, people who are not at all significant in my life but people who i'm familiar and comfortable with, as well as people i have once been close with. in a few months i'll be off to uni and wont see barely anyone again, not even my closest friends who i couldn't imagine living without.

it's strange though, how at one point a person can mean the world to you, you can't imagine them not being in your life, and then that can suddenly change. so quickly and then soon that person who you knew so well and was so close to, becomes a stranger.

i've been reminiscing a bit tonight. thinking about those people. old best friends and such, people who i could never imagine my life without. people who you think your life would be hell without. and i look at me now and i'm fine. of course those people still cross my mind. i still care for those people. i would still jump to do anything for those people. but i don't know those people anymore and it's weird.

it's strange how much things change.
how people so often come and go from your life.
i promise myself so often that i wont let myself become attached to people to risk getting hurt by a person or betrayed.
but then i think, i can't live like that. i have to take it day by day. if i gain a person in my life, then enjoy it while i can. and if i lose them, don't dwell on it. just remember it and cherish what i had.

sorry for the soppy post.
just done quite a bit of thinking tonight.
i always think when i'm left to my own devices at home, i really should go out or something, but i can't be bothered. i need to rest and have a bit of me time, and if me time consists of me getting all soppy to you all then so be it.

have a nice day lovelies :)


  1. I've been thinking about this all of today. I wish I still knew so many people but they are strangers. And I am going to grow apart from even more people when I move to uni. ahh sad times xxx

  2. I have been thinking about the same as well. Its cray how you can be so close to someone and sometimes in the same year how you can be a complete stranger to them. Its werid but sometimes its better when you move on.