Friday, 29 April 2011

my life is a party.

hi there! i feel like i haven't done a big ole update for a while so here you go.
i've been pretty busy lately. as i said i joined the gym. i've gained weight lately, a lot of people have been pointing it out, so i wanted to straight away do something about it rather than feeling shit about it all the time. so yes, a lot of my time has been spent in that bloomin' gym trying to get toned ready for summer. as well as so many deadlines for sixth form. thank god i leave soon! as well as working stupid amounts of hours. i have had a little bit of time to party ;)

like random days with my best friend, getting cheap bbq's and pear cider and catching up and enjoying the sun. that is actually the best part of summer.

i've also partied quite a lot with my work mates. they're a bit of a party bunch when they get going!

as well as partying with some of my best friends. i havdn't been out with them for a while so it felt quite good to get our dancing shoes on (L)

as well as dying my hair BRIGHT RED! i did not mean for it to go this bright....

i also popped down to london to see my sister/get wasted for a couple of days. it's nice to get away for a bit. we ate plenty of good food and partied quite a lot. arriving home at 5:30am in the morning. apparently i was carried upstairs and to bed by god knows who.

last night was also good, although i didn't really take any half decent pictures! :( i missed sixth form as i hadn't had a day off from everything in so long. it was payday and it was sunny so i went shopping then went and bought 4 crates of cider. i then decided to invite a few people over including a few of my best friends, josh and a few of his friends then my old friends kane, jake and pez who i went to school with. it was a completely random bunch of people but it ended up being quite fun!

life is pretty good right now if i say so myself.
i do go on random downers on the odd occasion but in general i'm really happy with everything.

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