Wednesday, 27 April 2011

hello there.

i feel like i can never blog properly anymore. not only am i super busy but my internet isn't working on my computer so i can only do a rubbish blog post once in a while and i hate it.
lately i feel like i haven't done anything exciting at all. i've been out quite a few times but nothing amazing. mainly because i've worked like stupid amounts at wonderland. 7 days in a row!? yeah sure, it's not like i have a social life! as well as joining the gym and trying to go as much as possible. as well as being back at sixth form.
busy jodie = not a very happy jodie.
so yes, whilst all my friends have been off to the beach and sunbathing, i sadly haven't had a chance to just yet so i still am as pale as casper! -.-
however, i do leave sixth form at the end of may. 6 month summer holiday? yes please.
i've finished english language now btw, so i have 5, 3 hour lessons of business to complete that. it does mean i get a few free lessons though :)
other than working like a busy bee and gyming it and making time to party i have obviously been spending lots of time with josh. he does work crazy hours too though so it is quite difficult :(

ALSO, i'm buying a reading festival ticket off my friend in a few weeks! WAHEY :D
happy happy happy times.
nothing else has really happened lately. i need a holiday.

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