Friday, 11 February 2011

i'm still alive.

although, you know when you haven't been on for ages when it asks you to enter your password :|
i'm sorry guys. tumblr is making me addicted :|
i promise i wont completely abandon blogger though, blogger is much more personal and i like to write thoughts/feelings/what i've been doing on here properly.
plus, i rarely get much time alone to sit here and just type.
i will try more though. i do miss blogging properly.

i'll do it a short update on life lately.
it was my 6 year old niece's birthday so all the family got together for a small party at a local indoor play area kind of thing which was lovely :) she looked so beautiful! i can't believe she's 6! makes me feel so old :|

on tuesday, another random day out with my friends occured and we decided to walk up the 'wrekin' it's like a very big hill where i live. it's not quite a mountain i found out. but nevertheless, it's a pretty big hill/mountain and we decided to walk up it, in the dark. was pretty fun.

other than that, i've been spending lots of time with friends/going to sixth form/catching up with old friends/being on tumblr/drinking.
life is pretty good.
need to charge my camera up so i can start doing proper posts again soon :)
also, i am still reading your blogs, i read them via my phone just because it's easier and i can do it anywhere :) so don't go thinking i'm neglecting you!

i will stop being so rubbish soon. just need to find time and something interesting to write about :)

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