Thursday, 3 February 2011

Happy birthday Jodie!

(it takes so long to order pictures and sort them all out, so they're all a little bit jumbled. i'd put them properly if i had time, and sometimes even when i do they decide to mess up anyway)

so yes, these pictures pretty much sum up what my 18th birthday was like.
i honestly couldn't have wished for a better night.
i had way too much drink, didn't pay for drinks all night. all my friends came, even ones who had told me wasn't.
the night ended up in me and my friend shanice going back to a hotel where my friend works for an after party, we ended up half naked in a jacuzzi doing shots till about 5:30am, we was also joined by two of my other friends who bought even more drinks. we made the most of the steam room/jacuzzi and pool to ourselves.
my friend took me home at about 1pm the next day in which i had to do the walk of shame in heels and what i was wearing the night before looking rougher than anything!
i had an amazing night!

then the day after, me and some of my friends went for a meal in wetherspoons and i shortly after decided that buying a bottle of wine for myself would be a great idea....
i met a few people and had such a laugh with my girls also.

then last night, i was brave enough to do it all over again! went out on the town with friends and seemed to know the majority of people out. ended up being punched in the face by some guy and pushed over. the night wasn't going to great. then my friend made an appearance and decided to get us a taxi to the hotel again where we again partied till about 4:30am! and again i crawled home at 8:30 this morning.

i haven't slept or been sober yet this week. so i'm sorry if this post is awfully rubbish and quite brief.
as for now, i'm going to enjoy my freedom of being an adult and get some sleep. because i can :)

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