Saturday, 29 January 2011

100 joys, continued.

11) Having all 5 university offers!

12) Exams being over...for now.

13) Having my social life back!

14) Having had McDonalds 3 times this week and chippy twice.

15) Being 18 on Tuesday.

16) February/March plans!

17) My best friend getting an offer from my top choice Uni!

18) Getting people to buy me dinner. Twice.

19) Laughing till I cry.

20) Discovering Chris Cohen on Youtube.

21) My bedroom being tidy.

22) Moving on....

23) Not caring.

24) My bed being so big 4 people can sleep in it.

25) Dr Pepper

26) Spending plenty of time with old friends.

27) Discovering Laura Marling.

28) Having that much LUSH stuff from christmas that I haven't had to go there so far this year!

29) Knowing that i'm going back to work soon. $$$

30) Chocolate buttons!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Jodie!

    I missed out on #1-10 :[ Don't worry I'll be reading it after typing this post.

    LOL @ Chris Cohen's "If I Were a Girl" I couldn't help myself but Youtube him after you mentioning it here.

    You got people to buy you dinner?! Now THOSE ARE good nights then! So what food did you have!? Please don't tell me that you had Panda Express LOL! Though, their orange chicken sounds quite a bit yummy right now.

    Congratulations on getting offered to 5 universities! Your hard work's all paying off! HOORAY!