Sunday, 19 December 2010

it's not snow bad...

so, as you may have realised the life of jodie has been a bit of a depressing one lately and i've kind of been distracted and oblivious to it being Christmas in 6 days! i haven't ate a chocolate from my advent calender in over a week and i'm yet to buy a single Christmas present! oh yes, my to do list is forever growing.
i don't know where you lot live but here in the Midlands the snow has been coming down like never before, buses and taxi's have both stopped and although i STILL have to get to sixth form i get a day and a half off work.
today i'm in a reasonably optimistic mood for a change and keeping every hope i have focused on getting Dan back and finally sorting myself out and being happy. starting with today...
plan for today:
- don't contact Dan, give me space.
- tidy bedroom, have a good sort out, maybe find some things for ebay to earn a bit of extra dosh.
- take rolo for a walk in the snow.
- make a final list of what to get people for Christmas (i'm not doing Christmas shopping till Christmas eve, forever the unorganised)
- eat. I've been quite upset lately and often have found myself having late night conversations with my belly as I've forgot to eat.
- watch Bridget Jones'' diary 2... after watching number 1 last night i fancy watching it.

so yes, today is a new day and hopefully a better day, it may just be because this is my first day off from both work and sixth form in over a month and it's 11:20 and i'm STILL in bed! but my hopes and optimism are high and hopefully today is a good day.

thanks for still following by the way. and in relation to the my last hope, it was one of those things i felt i needed to do, i'd been getting support of you lot when you didn't even know what was going on in my life. but thank you anyway for all of your support.

p.s I've decided to do a giveaway when i get 100 followers, maybe sometime after Christmas though or in the new year so watch this space :)

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