Sunday, 12 December 2010

break from blogging...

you may have noticed my blog is going back in to depressing mode.
and right now jodie is in depressing mode!
i really don't want to fill my blog with lots of sad/moaning/ranting and just generally depressing posts (especially not at christmas time.)
so i'm not going to blog for a little while, i'm having a pretty shitty time at the moment and really just want to catch up on sixth form work and sleep before i can sit at my computer and go on about life.

also, thank you very much for the lovely comments, again, every single comment means so much to me so thanks for the support!
i will try to get back in to blogging as soon as possible but i can't promise any updates for a while.*

*unless by some miracle everything just magically gets better.

so a big fat MASSIVE thank you to my... wait for it.... 99 followers.
i'll be back as soon as i get back on my feet :)

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