Saturday, 15 May 2010

things aren't perfect, but they are better.

firstly, in regards to the last post i just want to thank you all for the lovely comments.
they were all so nice and i'm glad to have such kind followers on here :)

anyway, i have missed no blogging so here is what i've been doing to try and keep myself busy :)
i caught up with all of my business work!! yay!
i went to see FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS! i'll upload some pictures later, they were amazing and hilarious!
i recieved my john mayer and ellie goulding tickets in the post :)
for business on wednesday me and my business class hosted a locked in 'girls night in' event at house of fraser, which was really fun!
erm, my sister came down from london and i met with her and my other sister yetserday and we shopped and got given flowers :)
and all day today i've worked.

me and dan are a bit better than we was, i don't know what might happen.
i think we need to start spending more time together and just talk about everything but i dunno :/
it's a year and half today since we got together :)
also a year today since i left school! whattttttttttt!?

anyway, i have been kinda busy.
i keep saying i'll go back to blogging loads again soon and i really will, so don't worry.
have a good weekend :)

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