Monday, 22 March 2010

work experience

so for sixth form we have to do 'work experience' although i already have two jobs they make us do something for two weeks to experience work. fun huh?
anyway, this was all meant to be sorted by november/december time, but as unorganised as i am i only got mine sorted today (i say i did, the teacher did it all)
i'm doing one week in a primary school and the second week in a nursery, i'm really excited for some reason as in school when we did it i was stuck in a repetitive job which i hated wheras a primary/nursery school teacher get to do a range of things :)
i'm excited.

i'm also really excited to get back to work over easter and earn a bit of money because i'm sick of having none and also LUSH have lots of new products i want as well as pretty much everything from accessorize.

so other than having no money, at all. life is pretty good and i'm slowly gaining more followers on this :D yay!


  1. Oh it really annoyed me that i had to do work experience, I had two jobs at the time too! They should just make the lazy people without jobs do it! Your placements sound fun though!
    I read your fav music on your profile.. jose vanders is great my friend is at uni with her shes so lovely and talented!

  2. i agree haha :)
    wow that's cool, i love her music!

  3. Having no money to go crazy in a store is a terrible feeling right? I completely understand, am glad your going to work and hope you could splurge just a bit take care♥

  4. Sounds like everything is going well ! Lovely blog too :) Mon Mode Blog