Sunday, 21 March 2010

pretty good weekend

kinda glad, starting off with thursday when i went swimming with 3 friends which was fun and also nice to spend time with them :) then friday i met my friends milli and roz and we all sat around talking about how much we miss school and all that jazz, i came home and dan came over and we drank a bit then fell asleep. saturday my sister woke us up and asked us to go to town so off we went at 11 in the morning still knackered, helped her shop a little then she left and we drank smoothies and ate subway and met friends. came home, lazed about, ordered indian and fell asleep. today has been such nice weather and i've been indoors pretty much all day, me and dan went to the pub for a bit with my mom to watch football (yay) we had a drink then left and went to dan's grandparents house, i met a few more members off the family then we went back to his, i watched him play guitar and computer games then i came home and have been catching up on blogs since then :)
not long left now till the easter holiday and i'm back off to work at Wonderland and dan starts his new job, and also a lot of lie ins and no sixth form. oohh i can't wait :)
hope everyone had a good weekend and lets hope this week flys by.

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  1. thanks for the follow deer :D I agree, I love starting days off with friends, at least you know nothing could of gone wrong (:

    following you now also!

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