Wednesday, 10 March 2010

sweet disposition

in relation to the header i must say i have fell in love with the song, after hearing Temper Trap on 500 Days of Summer i fell in love with it, and i also really like Ellie Goulding's version, it's so catchy and summery and nice :)
anyway, hi.
firstly! yesterday i got an email with UK Blink 182 tour dates and almost died and went to heaven, i hope that i can get tickets. if not my life will be over :

secondly, i HATE where i live.
it's full on chavs and idiots living off benefits because they can't be bothered to get a job. harsh but true.
on the bus home today me and roz overheard a conversation between three people, a man, a 13ish year old boy and i'm assuming his mom. the mom was going on proudly about how her son had been kicked out of school laughing about it and what not : when i got off the bus and half way up the road there was a couple pushing a pram both with cans of beer! this was at about 1 in the afternoon! ::
i hate it.

blah. anyway, today has been okayish, although i hate it when people make plans to break plans. annoying.
i had a half day at sixth form and the half wasn't too bad as i actually understood the work i was given :) so that was all good. then i came home and lots of family were round so that was nice and tonight i think loads of fam are going out for a cavery. so yes, things are looking good :)
i hate my lack of money lately. having things to save for is awful for me because it means i can't spend till i have the things i need to save for.
i'm going to shut up moaning now and keep smiling and listening to happy music.
i need to get drunk at a party and pass out. it's been way too long.

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