Monday, 15 February 2010


was so lovely :)
i woke up and went over to dans house, he had got me a gorgeous smelling candle and a cute little pig teddy, he also have me a really funny/cute card full of little hearts and a long lovely messge :) with thorntons chocolate hearts stuck on the envelope.
about 10 minutes later he told me he had got me something else, so he pulled out another present with a gift tag of more thorntons chocolate saying ' i love you' when i opened it there was a beautiful white gold necklace :)
that night he had booked a lovely little b&b by the river and also got us both dominos pizza yummy.
i love him (L)

today it was back at work to wonderland, it was quite empty but i needed the money.
i want a walk in wardrobe one day, so the more money = more clothes :)

oh yeah, ask me anything and i'll answer on here :) seems as everybody is getting these...


  1. ahh your blog header is so adorable ^_^
    Aww your Valentines day sounds so nice! You boyfriend sounds so thoughtful :D xoxo

  2. thank you, it's a tad fuzzy though i'd make a decent one but i'm awful with stuff like that :)
    and thank you, he is <3 xxx