Thursday, 11 February 2010


i don't know, but lately i've been thinking a lot about change, i've noticed changes in myself and in people around me and i really miss my past.
i don't know quite what has brought it all on, but it's really got me thinking.
i take granted what i have and i should be so greatful for everything i have and all of the the great people i have in my life. but in no time at all everything can so easily disappear. it may not be something as drastic as a death, but a person that you have in your life at one point may not be there always.
sometimes change is good. i look forward to change.
it's nice and it's something new to experience and learn from.
but you can lose people and i miss so many things about my past.
such as having all of my family together and happy, and being at school and all of the stupid things about school.
and it's strange, because when i was in school, towards the end of school all i wanted was change.
i was sick of being stuck with the same people and doing the same thing. i wanted to meet new people and do new things. i thought everything would be great.
but it's not, and i would so much rather be back there than where i am now.
i miss old friends. i miss old jokes. i miss old teachers. i miss so many small things.
things have changed.
and i'm sure something good will come of all of this eventually, but i've learnt something about myself recently, and it's that i really don't like change. i always thought i did but i really don't. i'd do anything to be back in school when everything was easy and dandy. but you gotta get older at some point.

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