Saturday, 2 January 2010

my favourite person in the whole wide world.

i honestly don't give him enough credit for how happy he make me.
i've decided to blog about my gorgeous boyfriend today, there are quite a few reasons why, one being i babble on about him a lot in posts and want to actually say a few things about him and about us. i think the main reason why i've choose to write about him right now is because he's been on my mind more than ever lately as he's away in china so yes.
we've been together over a year now, and i've got to say we had a very shaky first year, it had it's ups and downs, the ups were the best times of my life, but the downs were probably the worst.
he's my best friend, and i'm in love with him, he never fails to put a smile on my face.
i know our first year we fell out a lot, and a lot of people got annoyed with it, and no longer seen us as the couple we used to be, i mean, when we first got together how romantic he was could have been something from a fairytale! buying me flowers, writing my name in candles, painting for me, singing and writing me songs. (of course i don't get that treatment anymore) but i still think we are a very strong couple.
we agree on a lot of things and we disagree on a lot of things, we have lots in common and lots of things that we don't have in common. we're very different yet very similar and i think this can sometimes cause conflict, because we spend a hell of a lot of time together, and after a lot of crap in the past our relationship became very fragile which made us fight a lot. but i think this is how we're potrayed to people, our fall outs have become so predictable and people don't really see us as a very good couple.

so i'd like to let people know about the things you don't really see, the things that make us a good couple, a few of the reasons why we are together!
he is my best friend, and i know if ever anything at all happened he would be here within minutes, he listens to me, and i do to him. we are comfortable around eachother, and sometimes we get so lost in eachother it's just like we're not even a couple, because we can talk for hours on end like friends do about such crap and never run out of conversation. i still get butterflies and i still feel the urge to smile whenever he walks in a room.
he makes me happy.

i love how thoughtful he is, the little things he does. his awful jokes mid argument just to lighten the mood.
i love how in the middle of the night when he realises he's no longer cuddiling me he'll squeeze me :)

i love absoultley everything about him! i could go on and on, but i have to say, that we are extremely happy together although it may not come across like that sometimes, and this year i think we can be even happier with all the past in the past. he comes on here quite a bit so: daniel greenwood, you're my everything, and i'm in love with you, and i really do not care how cheesy i sound. i think you're the most beautiful person i've ever met and i look forward to our future together.

i'm in loveeeeeeeeeeee (L)

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