Thursday, 7 January 2010

i actually have too much work to do, and i really cba to do any of it, i seriously want to leave sixth form.
anyway, thank god my boy is finally home, he suprised me yesterday evening and stayed the night and we had a lovely night even though he was slightly jet lagged and fell asleep at about 9:30ish.

this weekend should be nice, i haven't had a busy weekend in far too long, and to top it all off, i haven't took a single photo so far since this year started!
friday night, i might work, not sure though yet, depends on my mood tomorrow.
saturday me and dan have decided to go skiing, i haven't been since i used to do it at school for p.e, so that should be nice, and i'll probably break a few bones too as it's snowing, so if i don't blog for a while, come visit me in hospital :)
then saturday night, it's dan's friend chloe's birthday and she has invited us to like a big group meal in wellington then we're all going to the cinema afterwards so that should be good also, and sunday i think i might just catch up on any work i'm behind on as i have an exam on the monday.
ugh i miss school so much, we never had homework, or stupid rules, like no holding hands around school.

for some reason i'm not in a good mood so i'm gonna go before i start ranting :)
i'll blog tomorrow, byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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