Thursday, 21 January 2016

50 Things I did in 2015!

I´ve seen a couple of these posts floating around and I love the idea, it´s a great way to reflect on the previous year on what you´ve learnt and achieved. 
When I thinkk back on 2015 it wasn´t the best year of my life, but writing this post has forced me to think about the good things that happened throughout it.

1) I moved house and I couldn´t be happier. London finally feels like home
2) Met my wonderful boyfriend
3) Spent two weeks at home - I rarely visit my home town and if I do it´s usually for a few days, but in August I visited for 2 weeks and I loved every second of it
4) Took a trip to Brighton - I would happily live there
5) Also took a trip to Southend 
6) Started to learn Portuguese - As my boyfriend is from Portgual I am slowly trying to learn the language, it´s not easy!
7) Baked more - I really got into the swing of baking, cookies mostly...
8) I went to Paris - I´ve wanted to go to Paris since I could remember, it was incredible!
9) Quit my job - twice!
10) Stopped eating meat for 5 weeks - I don´t eat too much meat anyway, but I challenged myself to give it up for a month in October 
11) Got a gym membership
12) Cancelled my gym membership
13) Ate my way through London´s food markets
14) Lost 10lbs!
15) Went to Winter Wonderland
16) Saw Zippos Circus
17) Switched meat for fish - although I didn´t make the full change I probably only eat meat 2 times a week now
18) Rediscovered my love for books
19) Rediscovered my love for London
20) Watched The Nutcracker on Ice
21) Met Pippa Middleton!
22) Had a surprise birthday party where all of my family came to London
23) Got better at working out
24) Surprised my family by visiting on Halloween
25) Went to Disneyland! My childhood dream finally came true!

26) Finally saw the Broadway theatre production of "Of Mice and Men"
27) Fell back in love with pizza
28) Saw Noel Gallagher 
29) Got drunk, fell asleep on the tube and woke up lost
30) I stopped letting people take advantage of me
31) Said goodbye as my best friend moved to San Diego
32) Tried to cook - no I cannot cook, but I did try!
33) Lived alone in London - since moving to London I have never lived alone, but in 2015 I did for a couple of months, I hated it!
34) Made some life long friends
35) Spent Christmas in London without my family and actually assisted in cooking Christmas dinner
36) Rewatched all six seasons of Gossip Girl
37) Went to Carding Mill Valley - so beautiful
38) Got drunk at a wine tasting on more than one occassion
39) Tried new cuisines 
40) Played tennis in the streets of Paris
41) Took a very long blogging break
42) Took my first spin class
43) Ate too much cheese
44) I really got into reading Thrillers
45) I put myself first
46) I actually took my work holiday
47) I went on a bike ride around quiet London on Christmas day
48) I walked around London until I was lost
49) I fell in love with tea
50) I fell in love

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