Saturday, 23 August 2014

New home.

So as I've dropped in, in a couple of previous posts, I have moved!
After two and a half years of being with Chris, we finally moved out of his parents house and got our own flat in central London.
It has been such a long process that has been in talks for over a year, but we finally did it.

Since coming to London I haven't really had my own space, which has caused so many different problems over the past 3 years, I have wanted my own space for a long time. I moved in with Chris' parents after 6 months of us being together and as nice as it was, it was difficult for many reasons. Not only was it far away from any job I have had, the area wasn't the greatest, and I ultimately wasn't too comfortable there.
After about a year I moved in with my sister, as fun as that was, it was crowded and spending that much time together made us argue a lot.

Me and Chris started looking a long time ago, we first thought that outside of London would be best as it was much more afforable, but not too realistic right now. A couple of months ago we looked around a place and loved it. Loved the location, the building and how close it was to both of our work. We took it.

It's still a huge work in progress but it's coming together slowly.
I thought I'd show you a couple of details around it so far, I might do a much more detailed post soon. But for now, enjoy.

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