Monday, 16 December 2013


Hi everyone!
Firstly I just want to say I'm really sorry for the lack of blog posts lately... Will kind of explain why in a minute and secondly I was t to point out that the past month or so my blog followers have doubled! How crazy! Thank you all for reading my blog, New and old I appreciate every follow, every comment, every liked post! So thank you so much!

Today I'm not at home so I'm writing this on my Kindle and just wanted to blog and talk about a few things going on lately. I like to do these posts sometimes to just ramble on about things that don't really have a point to them, so here goes.

So the main reason for my lack of blog posts the past couple of weeks is due to me not being at home, I've had a few home issues lately which I won't delve into but me and Chris are currently not staying there and may not be for a while, so sorry about my lack of blogging! 

Now that's out the way I'll talk about what's coming up lately, the obvious factor is that it's just over a week till Christmas!! How crazily quick has that come round?! This is definitely my favourite time of year! It's just been made even more exciting at the fact that today me and Chris decided to go home for Christmas! (My home that is, which is 150 miles up north of London in the countryside). We had planned to spend Christmas just me, Chris and my sister, Chris was gonna cook while we get drunk and watch Christmas films all day. The thought of going home hadn't even came up for some reason but today we suggested it and decided to, so I'm very excited! 

Another exciting thing is that we are currently looking for our own flat! We've lived at his parents house for over a year now and it's not exactly ideal for us, I enjoy my own space and making everything homely and I can't really do that in my boyfriend's parents house, so we are looking to move and hopefully this time next month we will have our own space.

Ooh, almost forgot! Yesterday I became a godmother! How amazing is that! Chris' brother had a baby a few months ago and yesterday he was christened and we are the godparents! How lovely :) 

Also! My beauty blog is currently nearly at 300 followers which is very exciting, knowing you all enjoy reading it and giving feedback is great! 

That's about it really, hopefully lots of exciting new years related posts coming soon, hope everyone is good and enjoying the Christmas season!
Speak to you soon! 

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