Saturday, 23 November 2013

Things to look forward to...

1. Winter Wonderland! If there's anything I love about living in London, it's that. Good food, hot chocolate and all things Christmassy! What not to love!

2. Visiting home tomorrow, I shamefully haven't been home since August! But tomorrow I'm making the exhausting 4 and a half hour journey to visit my lovely family.

3. Christmas in general. I'm especially excited for Christmas this year because I'm spending it with great people, Chris is cooking (he's the best cook) and I'm making extra efforts to be festive this year! (Christmas posts will commence in December).

4. New year... who doesn't like New year, a fresh start. Re start the diet or start saving, it's the perfect excuse.

5. A christening next month. I love family events, weddings, birthdays etc. It's an excuse to dress up and drink champagne. Love.

6. My blogs four year anniversary next week. Yay. I'm thinking of doing something special, like a giveaway or something fun. Stay tuned.

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