Wednesday, 20 November 2013

10 Fun Facts...

I've done 'facts about me' posts before, and by now, if you read my blog you will know my shoe size and that I'm left handed. But I've decided to do a bit more of a fun one. With some unusual facts about me. I enjoy finding out this kind of information about others, so why not share mind. Here goes...

1. I have asthma.. I've had it for as long as I remember, I have to carry an inhaler with me every where I go (even if I'm just popping to the shop) and once I had an asthma attack at work because I forgot to put it in my bag.

2. I am scared of everything. No seriously. I am. Growing up I've always had a crazy fear of needles, to the extent that I don't have a single piercing and I once passed out in a 'Give Blood' assembly in sixth form. But now I'm older my fears have expanded and I am scared of most things.

3. Growing up I wanted to be an author. At the age of four I was reading books with no help at all. Then by six I wanted to be a writer. No idea why. Not the usual career choice for a six year old, but what can I say?

4. I can spend hours on end on Youtube. And I do, daily.

5. I am fascinated by all things, serial killer and prisons. Slightly weird I know, but I watched a documentary years ago on the most notorious prisons and since then I've been intrigued. Why do serial killers kill? Children who kill. Everything. I can spend all day googling and watching interviews. It's so interesting. 

6. When I have my own place I want thousands of cats and dogs. Animals are my weakness, in particular dogs and cats. Something about them makes me so happy. I want to constantly look after them and cuddle them. I will one day own loads and be infinitely happy. 

7. I get moody if I'm cold. I hate being cold. In winter I have my heating on, as well as a fan heater and an electric blanket. 

8. I love spicy food. This year I feel like I've gotten bored with food. Weird I know, but I'm a very fussy eater and don't actually like very much food, but lately I've gotten bored of the foods I do eat, and therefore I've been trying to make them spicier and spicier to jazz it up a little bit and it is working. 

9. I've been an auntie since I was 12. And now I'm an auntie 7 times. I love it.

10. I've never been in a fight. And I really hope I never do. (See point 2)

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