Wednesday, 22 May 2013

20 Things to be happy about...

I used to do these posts on my blog regularly, I think its healthy for you to stop sometimes and just write down all the good and positive things in your life.
(I also just really enjoy writing lists!)

1. It's almost summer!
2. Summer means lots of BBQ's, holidays, cocktails and a tan!
3. I live in one of the best city's in the world.
4. I have the best boyfriend ever.
5. I also have the best family ever!
6. I have my health.
7. Chris got a promotion at work last week.
8. Crispy M&M 's for breakfast.
9. Getting the opportunity to spontaneously travel across France for dinner last week.
10. Finally getting my passport, and planning lots of holidays and trips.
11. Waking up to my cat cuddling me every morning.
12. Pastel colours being acceptable now it's Spring.
13. Finding out my sister is having a baby girl in October.
14. Taking silly pictures (see above)
15. Receiving my 3rd bunch of pink roses in four weeks.
16. Chris treating me to 2 new handbags this month.
17. Finally getting time to blog again properly.
18. Going to a wedding this weekend (I love weddings)!
19. Having Gossip Girl marathons on Netflix.
20. Finally buying some MAC make up! 

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