Wednesday, 3 April 2013

March Favourites.

Without a doubt, chocolate waffles.
Surely they need no explanation.

DRINK (alcoholic)
I've been ordering plenty of strawberry margaritas lately, they are perfect, especially when frozen!

DRINK (soft)
This drink is so good! When it's cold it is amazing! If you haven't tried it yet, I definitely recommend it!

Chris treated me to this a few weeks ago and I have been wearing it constantly, I've filled my Travalo many times for on the go! It's a Marc Jacobs, limited edition summer fragrance in Daisy, Eau so Fresh. 
The packaging is also lovely!

I was contemplating writing about where I went for my anniversary, however I realised I did a whole blog spot on that where you can hear me ramble on about that, so I choose somewhere else.
However I stumbled across a cute pub in Clapham last week called The Railway, me and my sister went for lunch there last Thursday and the food there was amazing! They do a cheese fondue, which I would recommend to everybody!

Another treat from Chris is this 5 year memory book, he got it from Waterstones for about £11.99, and I absolutley love it. You write in it every day for 5 years, it's the best idea ever and I can't wait to fill it.

I know I'm slightly late on the band wagon, but I have been obsessed with Gossip Girl, I started watching it on Netflix then quickly became obsessed and got through all six seasons in about 4 weeks. I have now started it again.

Sleek blush in Flamingo, I love this, the colour, the pigmentation, the price, I've been wearing it constantly.

Of course, my lovely boyfriend.
We celebrated our first year anniversary in March and I hope to celebrate many more in the future.


Lennon and Maisy! 
If you don't know who they are then Youtube them, NOW!
They are two super talented sisters, one is 9 and one is 13 and they are amazing!

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