Monday, 7 January 2013

Changes for 2013!

As you can probably see if you read my blog, it looks slightly different. It also has a different name. Well it's actually a temporary name till I can think of a good one, but for now it's staying. 

I'd gotten quite bored if my old layout/colours so decided to mix it up slightly, it's all done on my Kindle so there's still some things I need to edit which I'll do when I get to a computer, but for now this is it. 

Another change for this year is that I will be blogging much more again, yay! 
I miss it and I like having something to read back on.
It's going to be posts about my everyday life, my days/nights out, my friendships and relationship, some rants and rambles and lots of other things that interest me.

That's about it really.
Will most likely be back soon.
Goodbye for now.

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