Monday, 13 August 2012

Birthday at the Beach!

Hello! Sorry I'm such a bad blogger lately!
Loads has been going on, and it's hard to find time to actually come on here and blog.

So at the end of last month was my boyfriend, Chris' 21st birthday, and me, him and a bunch of others travelled down to Bournemouth (I travelled to London a couple of nights before, then from London we all drove down). I'd never been to Bournemouth before, and I think we definitely choose the perfect weekend to go! The sun was so hot, and the water was so blue!

When we got there, Chris said he had booked for us to stay in a little cottage at the Marriott hotel! Sea view! It was so cute, (I've also never stayed in a Marriott hotel!) 
Look at the sea! 
Before heading out, we thought we'd arrive fashionably late, and we stayed in the hotel bar for a few cocktails, then headed down to the club.
Chris had already bought several bottles of vodka for the table and his brothers kept the champagne and bottles of shots coming all night.
We had a huge VIP area with about 8 tables!
The club was really busy and so many of our friends and family came down!
 (The cake, bought by my lovely sister haha)
 During the night a few guys came into our VIP area starting trouble, and a massive fight broke out with lots of guys, which was the only downfall of the night.
Luckily Chris still managed to have a really good night though :)

 The next morning we woke up, feeling like death! I've never wanted food and cold apple juice more haha!
So me and Chris left our hotel, to go to the shop and visit everyone else, who was all staying a few hotels down, (they must have had about 10 rooms in one hotel). We arranged to meet everyone down the beach then find somewhere to eat.
The beach was so nice, I have no idea why I've never been to Bournemouth before (even though it is about 5 hours south of my house, it's such a nice beach).
We all finally found eachother, spent about 1 and a half hours walking around the beach for somewhere reasonable to eat, (I thought I was going to pass out, hangover and heat is never a good combination). 
We finally settled on a fish and chip place which I think was called Harry Ramsden's.

I don't think I've ever appreciated a meal more!
Some of the people we were with actually ordered a starter and two mains haha! 
 After eating we all chilled on the beach and caught some rays :)
I had to go and buy some shorts as I wasn't prepared for it being so hot! (I do live in England!)

On the way home we stopped at a service station for BBQ food, and that night had a BBQ till early hours.

 So yeah, overall, despite the fighting, it was a really good couple of days. Pretty sure Chris had a really good time and definitely perfect weather!

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