Tuesday, 19 April 2011

i melt with you.

i feel like it's about time i dedicated a little bit on my blog to my new boyfriend josh.
i've knew he was since school, he was two years above me and i knew he was my best friends cousin and that's about it. i'd never spoken to him. me and my best friend (shanice) got on the bus like late february and he also got on and shanice invited him to a party at her house that weekend, as he got off the bus i told her he was 'quite attractive'. i think those were the words i used anyway.
shanice's party never happened but the week after i decided to have a little house party as i had a free house. shanice asked if she could invite josh and his friend will. of course i agreed ;)
in her drunken state shanice told josh i found him attractive so her came over and started speaking to me. we kissed that night and swapped numbers and then text every day for about a week afterwards. i liked him instantly. he's a bit like me in the sense of partying, he enjoys going out with his friends as much as i do and we've kind of found a balance where we don't spend too much time together and still spend just as much time with our friends as well as eachother which i like.

he is lovely, but obviously not too lovely. which i like. we've been together almost a month now and seeing eachother for almost 2 months.
he makes me happy again.
there is now nothing missing from my life.

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