Wednesday, 5 January 2011

100 joys

I saw this on a blog earlier and feel like it's just what my blog needs after the heaps of depressing/moaning posts lately :) it's just one big, fat happy list :)

1) New year - i've been out 3 nights so far this year and am loving meeting lots of new people and keeping occupied.

2) My 18th being very near!

3) University offers :)

4) 2011 in general.

5) Being optimistic

6) Spending lots of time with family over christmas

7) Eating lots of good food over christmas

8) My big, warm bed on a cold morning

9) Finding my camera again and taking lots and lots of pictures.

10) Getting my phone back (even if i can't find the charger...or the phone for that matter)

more to come tomorrow maybe :)


  1. Aw this is so awesome! Being optimistic is the best!!

  2. What a nice positive post :)

    You can add another positive to your list - you've won my blog giveaway! Just about to email you but thought I'd come here too to let you know!