Saturday, 13 November 2010

happy happy mood.

i don't know why really,
probably because i've not had to do anything all day.
i've lazed around the majority of the day and began to clean my room.
things are slowly getting ticked off my 'to do list' which also makes me very happy.
on monday it's my anniversary also! eeek. not that we're doing anything but i'm excited anyway :)
i shall fill you all in on whatever happens.

i'm waiting for sixth form to fully send off my university applications and i can't wait to find out if i've got in or not.
sixth form is a drag as always but i'm trying to get on with it so i can get out of there as soon as possible :D

also, it's NOVEMBER! which means only a month till DECEMBER!
where the hell has this year gone!?

i've literally done nothing this year, i feel like i've got really lazy also. definatley needs to change next year!
i'm being rather pessimistic today and i don't actually know why.
you can probably tell i'm in a good mood just by the way i'm babbling on about points that make no sense or have no relevance what so ever.

at six i'm off to work at the indian restaurant i used to work at, i really need the money and as i don't have actually have any proper work for 2 weeks i guess i need to.

anyway, not a lot has happened really, been spending plenty of time with dan and family as well as friends.
had far too many takeaways lately. went to see othello on tuesday which was good. applied to uni. that's about it really.
i'm a boring sod.

hope everybody is all good! :D

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