Friday, 17 September 2010

hello new followers! :)

welcome to my blog.
i promise it's not always depressing and rubbish!

right now i'm sat here babysitting for my neice who i don't get to see very often and when i do she is in bed. so i'm taking the time to sit here, wait for dan and play a bit of mumford and sons. then i might just pig out.

sixth form is okay lately, but it is only the first two weeks.
i've kinda got used to it now (a year later) and it feels cool being the oldest year in the school again :)
me and dan have been a bit up and down but we're also good and next week i'm off to alton towers and middlesex to visit a university :)
whilst in middlesex i'm going to go and see my sister who also lives in london so that should be nice :)

so yep, right now things are actually quite good :)

no picture posts unfortunatley as i have no internet on my computer so when i do blog it's from someone elses computer or at sixth form so posts are quite boring lately.

hope everybody is all good, and again thanks for following and thank you for all your lovely comments :D

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