Monday, 6 September 2010

back to sixth form and choice of university.

so i have just gone back to do my final year of sixth form and i'm still quite overwhelmed by how quick everything has happened.
it still feels like i've not long ago left school yet this time next year i will beginning university! how crazy.
i remember how excited i got before sixth form, wanting a huge change and what not, only to then realise it was nothing like i expected and as where i live was so small i really wasn't gonna get much of a change.
so this time round i'm going to lower my expectations even though i do have slightly higher hopes from university, i just don't want to be disappointed again.

also, this time i'm making sure i really do have a change by choosing a university in london which is about 3 hours away from where i live right now and i wont know anybody there at all. i do have a sister who lives in london but it will still be such a big change so i'm just hoping it's a change for the good this time.

i get the feeling this final year is going to fly and lately i've kinda been trying to be a little bit more independant at sixth form, but today i realised that this time next year i really wont see half of my friends very much so i'm not kinda scared and wanting to just make this final year one to remember.

i'd love to know what the future holds for me.
maybe i worry too much.
maybe i over analyse things that will all really be okay.

why am i even writing about this?


  1. sometimes writing about it helps to sort it out in your head!! And living in a new place is one thing we all have to go through to help us mature :D London is a brilliant place to choose to stay and make new friends (albiet a bit expensive ;D )

    Kitty x

  2. Good luck for your last year and Uni choices - I've just started the sixth form last week and defo feeling overwhelmed. Can't believe how many times I've been told how quick the time is gonna go and how much hard work I've got coming up :/ lol