Thursday, 3 June 2010

today was lavley

i didn't want to waste my day off work being sad, so despite feeling very ill i decided to ask my sister what she was doing. she was off swimming so my sister, her baby and her friend came and picked me up and off we went.

however, the swimming baths were full so off we went to eat at wetherspoons. the food was lovely!
anyway, we had to get back to my sisters and in the end we had to go to much wenlock to pick up gemma's boyfriend from work, then we went to pick up my sister's boyfriend craig and off we went to sunny bridgenorth :) i've never been to bridgenorth, and it was so nice!
here are some pictures from the day... i tried to get a decent picture of the view but my crappy camera wouldn't let me!i was falling over as this picture was being taken. excuse the stupid smile.i think i was laughing at myself here.
and then we found a fair (i don't know if that's spelt right)this sign was quite funny :)just chillin in the boot'knickerbockers ice cream parlour' the cutest little ice cream shop ever.
keira enjoyed her ice cream! :)


  1. haha that sign made me laugh!,X

  2. oh my goodness WHAT A FUN DAY!!
    and i am loving your skirt girl!
    SO CUTE!

  3. how lucky are you, you get to be the cool older aunty that does all the fun stuff like go on the rides :)