Wednesday, 19 May 2010

wish list

- a holiday
- to have decided i wanted a holiday at the start of the year so i could have saved towards one
- to tan!
- to hurry up and finish my first year of sixth form
- to have more nights like tonight
- a laptop (one of the funky new dell ones)
- to learn to play keyboard/piano (i really don't have the time or patience to though)
- seasons 5,6 and 7 of the hills to complete my collection
- every product lush have ever made
- a huge house
- a slide instead of stairs
- a bigger wardrobe
- a walk in wardrobe
- a smaller bed with an electric blanket
- to watch sex and city 2!
- to be lauren conrad
- to get A's in every exam i take :)
- a happy relationship with dan
- to travel the world
- to visit every state in america
- a flat belly
- an amazing summer
- jimmy choo shoes
- new glasses (i'm sick of being blind)
- money
- to be able to drive and have a convertible mercedes slk
that's about it, if you wanna get me any of these things then feel free to email me and i'd be more than happy to send you my address.
(what? a girl can dream!)


  1. Ohh a flat belly would be nice for me too. I always dream of it! :)

    Great list. xx

  2. i agree with most things ((:,X