Friday, 30 April 2010


i am so SO happy
i have just bought john mayer tickets for cheaper than i was planning on buying them for, and ellie goulding is the supporting act!!! could it get any better?!
oh yes! it could, as well as that i'm going to see FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS in 9 days!
i'm looking forward to may! :D


  1. flight of the conchords? JEALOUS. ask bret to marry me please!


  2. I love that man. You must realise how unbelievably jealous I am right now. Have a seriously lovely time, and pictures, oui? x

  3. haha i will alice :)
    and of course, i saw him in january and sadly forgot my camera, so there will be plenty of pictures this time :D x

  4. Oooh have a fabulous time darl!! I've met John Mayer when he came to Aus at the hotel I worked at. I talked to him, helped him with his bags & his quite a nifty one indeed. He likes to take photographs of tv's which i thought was weird. This was when he was dating jessica simpson which i also met her - wasn't too fond of her. hahaha! anyway have fun i love his music :) xx

  5. oooh I am so jealous!! :] I hope you have a great time!

    pea.ess. thank you so much for the blog award! I'm going to put it up on my blog in the next few days.