Sunday, 14 March 2010


it's starting to feel like spring. yay. i keep seeing flower buds on patches of grass and it's so nice :)
i've had a lovely weekend, friday night was spend with dan, we had a quiet night in and fell asleep really early after a very tiring week.
yesterday i worked from 11:30-4-30 which was okay, then i got home and got ready to go to a charity music thing in a church.
i actually enjoyed it other than the fact it was about 4 hours long, but dan was playing and he did very well so did the other singers, band, choir etc. then dan stayed here and again we pretty much fell aspeel as soon as our heads hit the pillow :
today is mothers day, so happy mothers day mom (L)
and me and dan are off to have a picnic so that should be nice :) i like picnics! mmmm,
hope everyone had a good weekend xxxxxx

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