Monday, 22 March 2010

late lent?

i can't actually believe i'm considering this.
i must be ill.
something has to be wrong.

i didn't have a clue lent had already started and i was planning on giving something up for it, however i've decided to still go ahead and do a late lent, starting tomorrow and ending on the 2nd may!
i'm going to give up chocolate AND crisps!
you don't even understand how crazy this is of me, i've had 8 chocolate bars today and that is the truth. i eat them like there's no tomorrow and this will kill me.

oh and i'm allowed chocolate drinks such as hot chocolate and milkshake, and i'm allowed one egg on easter (because everyone just should) it's not really a lent, it's more of a challenge.

wish me luck! :D


  1. good luck with that! i don't think i'd do very well myself.

  2. Yes it’s always very difficult hahahah! I am also obsess with chocolate I love dark chocolate, Extra dark please hahahaha, why I don’t understand most people
    Dislike it. I think I really like bitter things that my problem I love Americanos and I never ad sugar or creamer to my coffee creepy right?
    Well Darling I hope everything goes well and take care ok!
    Love Dye♥