Wednesday, 31 March 2010

goodbye march.

today has been quite a good day if i say so myself. in business we had to go to House of Fraser as we are planning an event for them which is all fun, then we had a half dayso me and dan and some friends went back to our old school (which now has a new, amazing building!) we've only been left since may and everything is so different. the teachers were all so lovely and agreed with every rant we made about sixth form, we also got a cup of tea, and lots of erm, handshakes. i felt grown up. i realised how much i really miss the place and the paper planes flying around as you walk around the school and how cheery everbody was and how welcoming and comforting everything was.
anyway, then me and dan came back to mine and my sisters and neices were over and they all did an easter egg hunt and made lots of rice crispie cakes. YUM! so that was nice.
and right now i'm in bed trying to work on my english literature coursework which is due tomorrow!! argh.

i have still had no luck finding my camera and am finding my phone camera awful to take spur of the moment 'oh let me take a picture' moment pictures. i feel lost without it.
wow, it's april tomorrow! lots of april fools jokes. like how much i love sixth form and how i actually don't want to break up tomorrow at all and how much i really hate my boyfriend. i still am yet to do an amazing april fools prank on someone. however i've never really got fooled either.
lets hope the weather brightens up tomorrow and then bring on the easter holidays :) waheyy.

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  1. I always fall for things like this, like the tap on the shoulder thing and the famous boooo, I jump like a cat every time haHAHAHA! well I hope you have fun darling♥