Sunday, 28 March 2010


what a erm, cold, random, nice night :)
so we was walking around town and decided as there was nothing to do we may as well go camping, so me and dan both went home to get stuff ready (sadly i can't find my camera anyway and the ones i took on my phone are awful) but still, there was such lovely views and i sat and watched him put the tent up then we ate tomato soup and pot noodles. yummy.
the stars were out and it wasn't too cold so we came out of the forest or woods or whatever they were and we stood on the road and it was perfect. however, it got quite cold afterwards so we snuggled up in the tiny tent hearing nothing but chickens and cows.
this morning we woke up and decided to walk a different way to get home, which happened to get us lost for about 2 hours. i honestly could have died, we had no food or drink and it was freezing. finally we got back to where we were getting picked up from and my phone was dead and dan's had no signal, so after about half and hour or so we finally found a spot with 2 bars of signal and we called dan's dad to bring us home (after an hour) he finally came and i came home and had a nice, long, hot bath and now i'm here watching the hills and reading blogs, just how a sunday should be spent :)

clocks have gone back and the flowers have finally come out, hello spring.


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  2. wow! the story was going so well but gettin lost for 2 hours is not the best thing in the world right? ...but the good thing was that you had someone amazing with you righ? sounds like a fun sunday well take care and talk to you soon♥