Monday, 1 March 2010

and i got the point that i should leave you alone,
but we both know that i'm not that strong,
and i miss the lips that made me fly.
why am i listening to sad songs?
i've just finished watching 500 days of summer and i really enjoyed it :) i love films that end differently and not how you expect them to end, i though it was really nice.
haven't really been up to much lately, it was my neice Connie's 1st birthday on sunday so the family were all down which was quite nice, noisy but nice.
v festival! i think the line up is pretty good, not the best i could have thought of but still really good, i'm bummed that kate nash is going and i'm not :( ah well, reading festival it is (L) oh yeah, t in the park sold out so i'm bummedddddd.
anyway, another horrible week of sixth form then off to devon for the weekend, i need a holiday so much right now. blah.

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