Monday, 22 February 2010

sixth form rant

first day back at sixth form and i still hate it just as much, i miss school, i miss the whole routine of it and how friendly and laid back everybody was. now i'm stuck in a school full of robots and teachers who have a go at you for holding hands with your boyfriend whilst walking out of school because 'it makes the school look bad' i haven't a clue why.
next weekend i'll be in devon with my lovely boy away from that place, and easter isn't too far away. think of the A levels jodie :)

anyway, despite the rant the first day back was okay i guess, in school i used to always love the first day back and i'd get up mega early, but today was just like any other day. i didn't look forward to it. i don't know why i should spend two years doing something i hate just to get more qualifications when i could just get a full time job now. blah. rant over.

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