Sunday, 7 February 2010

la la la happy

Another good weekend (L)
Friday: After sixth form i came home and a barth and what not, then met daniel and we went to a little gathering/party of like 10 and ordered dominos and drank vodka (: funfunfun.
Saturday was my lovely neice's 5th birthday, so happy birthday Laurie-Le :D me and dan went there for a bit and i sat talking to my sister whilst he went up town to get my valentines stuff (L)(L)(L) then i went up town, and me and my sister and dan and craig all went to pizza hut for a meal. hello fatty.
Sunday: Today me and dan went to Shrewsbury to get his guitar fixed and god starbucks :) mmm.
I've had a really lovely weekend thanks to my boy. I love him more than anything. Always.

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