Tuesday, 1 December 2009

i happen to have three hours with nothing to do...

other than revise for my english mock exams next week, which i can't really see me doing, so i thought i may aswell do an all mighty long blog post to pass a bit of time...
oh i'm also meant to be staying after school today to catch up on ict work, as i never do it in this time which i have now, i don't see the point really, well i do, but i'd much rather be doing this i guess :)
jodie = fail A levels.

today happens to be my lovely mom's birthday so i'd like to wish her a very happy birthday even though i'm guessing she will never read this. but still (L)(L)
i feel bad for only getting her a box of chocolate, but i'll try and get her something extra good for christmas just to take the disappointment away from such an awful present (i get her chocolates every year, they were on sale in thorntons, i'm such a bad daughter)

i'm so tired, sixth formreally drags and the amount of times i've considered leaving is just crazzy considering i've only been at this place a few months! they expect us to do two 3 hour lessons a day and have 3 hours homework each night, do they not think we have social lifes as well as doing their crappy homework?! the worst thing is, half the time we do the homework and they never take the god damn thing in! ugh, get me out of here, k, thanks.

i'm really excited for my new job (i keep changing the subject) i actually am, watch it turn out to be liek the worst job on the planet, ah well, i'm sure i can stick it out and get a bit of money for it, i like my job at the moment but ya'know, girls have needs.

i'vej ust realised it's 10 days till i go and see paramore- i'm uber excited to see them perform!
and it's also 26 days till dan goes away for 11 days-ish, which i am dreading - no hugs for 11 days = torture.

hmmm, anyway, i may blog later on in the lesson as i'm gonna try and get my ict work out of the way (even though this can pretty much be considered to be ict work, but i decided against that one.

so yeah, speak to you later (i love how i talk to my blog like it's my friend)

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