Thursday, 26 November 2009

welcome to jodie.


hello, i'll probably find myself on here a lot, and i have decided now that i will stick to this and write in here about anything that is on my mind, well most things at least.

i will include as much as possible i guess, thoughts, dreams, ideas, memories, random thoughts and ideas, quotes i like, facts i've learnt, pictures maybe and just generally things that fascinate me or happen to be on my mind :)

i'm jodie btw, i hate using capital letters and my mood changes pretty quickly.

i'd like to post my first blog wishing my beautiful niece Keira (used a capital letter for that one) a happy second birthday tomorrow! (L) her mom, my sister, happens to be in hospital now, but is out tonight and i look forward to seeing them both tomorrow, so happy birthday angel xxx

i'll be on here often i'm sure, maybe even later as i'm new and have lots to say :)

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