Sunday, 29 November 2009

happy happy happy

after yet again, another perfect weekend with my favourite person in the whole world :)

saturday morning he came round mine, we had a lovely walk up town and i bought some lovely new comfy winter socks and some warmer shoes, i love winter as long as i'm warm, i also handed in my cv at wonderland, i think even though it'd be cold, i'd kinda enjoy working there as it wouldn't be the same thing each day, which i hate. who knows, i still like my job atm, but a bit of extra money never did any harm.

we then came back to mine, pigged out as per, ordered dominos (i have a voucher for 50% off, so we go all out quite a lot, then we watched paranormal activity, which i gotta admitt really freaked me out! i think i wanna see it at the cinema though, as the online version has a different ending apparantly.

new year is getting closer and closer!
i cannot believe it is almost 2010, it only feels like yesterday when i remember my dad getting me out of bed to watch the fireworks because it was year 2000, and that was almost 10 bleedin' years ago :
although i'm really excited as i always am for a new year, i'm also dreading that time of year as my boy is going to hong kong for 10 days over the new year, so i wont be spending another new year with him sadly :( however, i will be seeing him shortly after and i am very excited about spending yet another, even better year with him!

i always make new years resoultions, i never stick to them; well i try to, it usually works for about two weeks, then i forget as i seem to make too many and find it hard to keep track, but this year i'm making pretty simple, and fun ones. i haven't decided on them all, but here's the list so far..

1. try as many flavours as possible of ben and jerrys :)

2. try to spend less money on food and more on a new wardrobe (the clothes not the actual wardrobe)

3. make time for both friends and boyfriend as well as family.

4. complete all sixth form work and get a decent job!

that's all i can think of so far, although number four i don't think will be too easy to oblige. you never know though.

anyway, i just thought i'd post this as i'm in a very good mood and looking forward to what is coming up soon e.g. paramore, christmas, new years, john mayer etc.
although i do need to start christmas shopping very soon :


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